Last year assistance charity project to galkadawala primary school.

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what is gurukula arunalu

In the rural areas of the country, the less privileged children, need our helping hand to overcome this situation. We can make a change, give hope to those who are struggling to overcome poverty in our country. They need our help to build up their future, they deserve to be happy equally as we do.


“Heartily and willing - Contribute a thing”


why gurukula arunalu

Children in the rural areas of the country obtain their education in very less potentiated schools. These schools experiences a shortage of teachers, and the children suffer from poverty. These reasons forced us to lend a hand to their education which is the most important platform for their future.

We have successfully completed our first project. Thank you everyone.

You Can Help,They need

Stationary items,

Library books that suitable for primary students,

or you can suppor Gurukula Arunalu by send your money donations

“Heartily and willing - contribute a thing”

"සෝ සිතින් එක් අයෙක් - තිළිණ කරමු එක් දෙයක් "